TS 930 – Export Applications


IEC 947-6-1 Equivalent Commercial & Industrial Applications, 125 – 2000 AMP, 3 Pole, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 480V Max Applications
  • Designed to meet the requirements of Non-UL markets (IEC).
  • Available from 125 amp to 2000 amp 3 Pole, three phase 480 volt.
  • IEC certified Power Contactor Switching Units
  • Door mounted ATS Controller, Graphical LCD Display
  • Manufactured in compliance with IEC 947-6-1.
  • 2 Year Warranty


 Amperage Range:  125 – 2000
 Voltage Range:  120 – 480V
 Poles:  3 Pole
 Frequency:  50/60Hz
 Power Distribution:  3 Phase, 4 wire
 Controller:  Deep See Electronics or ComAp
 Standard Enclosure:  Nema 1
 Quality Assurance:  ISO 9001 Registered
 Warranty:  2 Year


• Normal Operation Status LED Lights: Load on Utility & Load on Generator, Utility & Generator Source Available
• Three Phase Voltage sensing on Utility & Generator Sources
• Generator AC frequency sensing
• Utility under voltage control set point
• Generator Set points: under voltage (adjustable), under frequency (adjustable)
• Front Panel configurable or via Serial/USB port
• Engine warm-up timer (adjustable)
• Utility return timer (adjustable)
• Engine start timer (adjustable)
• Engine cool down timer (adjustable)
• Local utility power fail simulation test pushbutton & LED, front faceplate mounted
• Engine start contact (5A,120/240VAC resistive max.)
• Multilanguage support
• RTC Event and Performance Logs
• In-Phase Transfer with Passive Synch Check



 TS930-N3R250A       125A – 250A NEMA 3R Door Kit
 TS930-N3R630A       400A – 630A NEMA 3R Door Kit
 TS930-LPM-250       Load Power Metering (V, A, F, kW), 125A – 250A Current Transformer
 TS930-LPM-400       Load Power Metering (V, A, F, kW), 400A Current Transformer
 TS930-LPM-800       Load Power Metering (V, A, F, kW), 630A – 800A Current Transformer
 TS930-LPM-1250       Load Power Metering (V, A, F, kW), 1000A – 1250A Current Transformer
 TS930-LPM-2000       Load Power Metering (V, A, F, kW), 1600A – 2000A Current Transformer



TS 930 Brochure


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