TS 910 & 920 - Residential & Commercial Applications

UL 1008, 100-400 AMP, 3 Phase, 240V
  • Power contactor ATS for Residential & Commercial use
  • 100-400 AMP 240 volt & 3 phase
  • UL 1008 listed
  • Easy to use TSC 9 ATS controller providing system flexibility and operating interface
  • Built in Load shedding & in-phase transfer
  • Simple pushbutton LED mimic bus interface
  • Available options include Service Entrance Rated

Amperage Range:   100A, 200A, 400A
 Voltage Range:   120/208/220/240 volt
 Poles:   2 or 3
 Frequency:   50/60Hz
 Power Distribution:   Single Phase, 3 Wire or 3 Phase, 4 wire
 Controller:   TSC 9, with both door mounted HMI and internal HMI.
 Standard Enclosure:   Nema 1
 Safety Standard:   UL 1008, CSA C22.2 No. 178
 Quality Assurance:   ISO 9001 Registered
 Warranty:   2 Year


Thomson Power Systems TS 910 & 920 Automatic Transfer Switches offer the following:

Power Contactor Switching Units
• 100% Continuous Current Ratings for use with all load types
• Suitable for Copper and Aluminum power cable connections
• High Short Circuit Withstand Ratings when used with upstream molded case circuit breakers

Reliable Solenoid Operated Transfer Mechanism
• Fast Operation allows In-Phase Power Transfer
• Electrical and Mechanical Interlocked mechanism prevents simultaneous closure of Utility and Generator sources

• Plug-in Control Devices allow quick connections
• Enclosed Power Contacts for safe operation and maintenance

Quality Assurance
• ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Facilities

Complies with:
– NEMA & UL50
– UL 508
– IEEE C62.41, C37.90.1
– FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Class B
– IEC EN 61000 Electromagnetic Capability

Safety Standards
• UL 1008 Listed Automatic Transfer Switches for use in legally required Emergency Systems

Control Features
• New/Advanced TSC 9 Series Transfer Controller with features specifically designed for Commercial ATS applications. User programmable timers, simple LED interface
• Outputs for Automatic Load Shed & Remote Alarming
• kW Load Shed Control (Optional) reduces costs by sizing your standby power system for prioritized loads
• Universal Generator Interface kit option allows TS 923 to be applied to multiple types of generator sets utilizing 240V remote starting control systems

Product Data
• 100A, 200A, 400A Models
• Service Entrance Rated Models (Optional)
• 120/208/220/240Vac Three Phase, 4 wire c/w Neutral
• 3 pole, 50/60hz
• Rust Resistant Aluminum Enclosures
• NEMA 3R Door for Outdoor Applications (Optional)
• Withstand Short Circuit Current Ratings up to 50kA
• Sturdy enclosure and door constructions


 TS910-N3R100A       TS 923 NEMA 3R Door, External Door Mountable
to NEMA 1 ATS Enclosure (Specify
matching ATS model number)
 TS910-SPD3PH       Surge Protective Device, Three Phase Class
1, 120/208V connected to Load Bus
 TS910-UGI       Universal Generator Interface Start Kit
 TS910-HTR       Enclosure Heater, 120VAC Fused, supplied from ATS
Load Bus
 TS910-KWLS3PH2       kW Load Shed Control output contact, Three Phase,
One Stage, 0-200A Current Transformers connected
to ATS Load Bus
 TS910-KWLS3PH4       kW Load Shed Control output contact, Three Phase,
One Stage, 0-400A Current Transformers connected
to ATS Load Bus


TS 910 Brochure


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