Exporting Generators to Venezuela

Buying And Exporting Generators For Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from a power crisis. Between wildfires, failing infrastructure, tropical storms and more, businesses, homes, and even hospitals are often found struggling to maintain power when they need it most.  

As recently as March 2019, residents of Venezuela suffered a devastating day’s long power outage. Lives were lost, food was spoiled, and the full extent of the damage and devastation likely never fully accounted for.

While we celebrate with our Venezuelan friends and family when power is slowly restored, we also want to help them in any way possible.

Humanitarian aid is becoming a necessity in the region. While residents currently have power, the cities and capital are constantly at risk of losing it again. To help our friends and neighbors get through this, many people are looking into purchasing gas-powered backup generators as a means to take control into their own hands.

But who sells residential generators to Venezuela? What does the export generator industry look like and who can help export these sometimes life-saving gas generators to where they are needed most.

This article will explore those topics and more. Read on to learn more about who sells backup generators to Venezuela.

Who Sells Generators to Venezuela – PowerOn

Help Venezuela Power Up with PowerOn

Generators are a reliable source of backup power in any scenario. Regardless of the underlying reason for the power outage, be it a storm, due to wildfires, power grid failure, or for any other reason, those with generators will not have to worry about spoiled food, patients going without lifesaving treatments, or suffering through the blistering heat.

At the PowerOn group, we offer the best in portable backup power solutions, including reliable high-performance Generac Generators.

When severe weather or natural disaster threatens to strike, consumers flock in droves, rushing to purchase generators and fuel to the impending catastrophe. They’ve learned the importance of having a backup until the power can be safely and completely restored.

Our friends in Venezuela deserve no less, but they have a harder time gaining access to these potentially lifesaving devices. Which is why PowerOn does everything they can as an exporter to make backup gas-powered generators available to the Venezuelan people.

When searching for who sells gas backup generators for Venezuela, PowerOn is the “go to” provider. With decades of experience and a track record of service and reliability, there are few other companies that have the expertise as they do.

As a leader in the portable generator industry PowerOn provides a full line of services from product sales and export, to set up, maintenance, repairs and more.

Backup Generator Exports to Venezuela

Humanitarian Needs Are Never on Schedule

Generators often fly off the shelves at the first hint of trouble, but this rush often leads to a lack of due diligence and improper installation. Carbon Dioxide is a very real threat with gas-powered backup generators, and improperly installed generators can create and/or exacerbate CO2 emissions in a home or business.

Disaster preparation is often an afterthought, with most Venezuelan residents focusing on the struggles of daily life and survival. With everything else going on in the region, very few have the luxury of time and resources to deal with yet to happen disasters that could be lurking around the corner. This is part of what made Venezuela’s days-long blackout so devastating: they had no contingency plans and everyone was scrambling for what little relief was available.

If you have friends and family in Venezuela, or if you just want to lend a helping hand, sending gas-powered generators now— before the next outage— is a great step towards making a real and lasting positive impact on the community. This gives homes and businesses a chance to properly install the generator and have it on standby for when it’s needed most.

Caring for Our Community

For some, it can become all too easy to ‘disconnect’ from the world and those suffering in other areas. Others may try and take advantage of the situation in order to push their own agenda.

Here at PowerOn, we care about more than just a quick sale. We don’t just sell Generac generators, we sell a solution that can help improve the lives of our customers. Our goal is to provide comfort, safety, and peace of mind during times of turmoil. This is why we sell and export both residential and commercial generators to Venezuela; we want to help, and you can too.

Buying or Exporting Generators for Venezuela

Whenever you make a major purchase like a backup generator, it’s important to do proper research. You need to know the basics of what you need to ensure you cover power requirements.

What do we mean? Well, Generator power output is measured by watts. You need to know how many watts your electrical devices need to use during an emergency. You don’t have to get a generator that will power everything, but be sure your basic needs are met and work from there.

All major appliances and electronics use watt measurements— even each individual light bulb! Making a list of these appliances and their wattage can help you choose the right generator to power your home or business during an outage.

For instance, below is a list of common appliance wattage ratings:

  • Computers: 60-300 watts
  • Lighting: 60-600 watts
  • Portable air conditioner: 1,000 watts
  • Portable heater: 1,500 watts
  • Refrigerator: 600 watts
  • Sump pump: 750-1,500 watts

If you need help determining your power needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can walk through your list of appliance or wattage needs and help you compare different generators to find the best match.

If you are purchasing for someone specific that you know in Venezuela, it can be hard to contact them and determine their needs. Our team can help you make an estimate based on the type of establishment to which you are sending the generator. If you can make contact, then the recipient of your generator should be able to help you best determine wattage needs.

Generates for Export to Venezuela: Styles and Features

You have more choices to consider than wattage when selecting a generator. These useful machines are not one-size-fits-all. Different homes and businesses benefit from the various styles and features available— at other times, the additional features can seem like too many bells and whistles.

Knowing is half the battle. Let’s discuss some of these styles to better help you understand what you may be looking for.

Styles of Generators

Home Standby Generators.

These generators come with a pretty hefty price tag, but you really do get what you pay for. The home standby generator is a permanent fixture that will provide power to your entire home or business. Because of its powerful and complex nature,  it needs to be installed by a professional. You should research if there are any local permits needed or city restrictions, as well. Certified professionals will understand what is needed for the unit and how to safely install it.

Home standby generators automatically start up to provide power during an outage. They also have a self-diagnosis feature that can help you stay on top of the unit’s performance. Just like most cars, the generator will alert the owner when service is needed.

Fuel: Your choice of propane or natural gas

Cost: Approximately $3,000-$6,000

Inverter Generators

For Inverter Generators, quiet efficiency is the name of the game. These units are similar to portables, with a few key differences. The complex engine allows this generator to throttle its power output to match your needs at a given time, saving on fuel consumption and emissions. They also tend to run quieter than a Portable thanks to their sophisticated exhaust system.

Fuel: Gasoline or Propane

Cost: Approximately #500-$4,000

Portable Generators.

Also known as ‘gasoline-powered generators,’ these machines are a favorite among homeowners. One of the reasons for this popularity is their affordability: portable generators offer some of the cheaper models on the market.

One big detail to note is that this smaller generator will need more fuel to remain functional. Keeping extra fuel on hand is a must, and this includes the need for a stabilizer that will allow safe prolonged storage.

Portable generators also come with a few extra safety precautions:

  • Must be 20 feet away from any structure
  • Never run in an enclosed space
  • Beware of carbon monoxide emissions

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that kills 149 US citizens annually. For the same reason you shouldn’t start a car in a closed garage, never run a portable generator in too small of a space.

Fuel: Gasoline

Cost: Approximately $400-$1,000

Generator Features

Another variation among generators are the special features. These are extra bits and bobs that determine the machines functionality and user features.

Features include:

  • Electric Start vs. Pull-Start
  • Automatic Start
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Low-Oil Shutoff
  • Removable Console

The only thing you have to buy alongside a generator is a Transfer Switch. Without it, you can’t connect your generator to your circuit panel with a single cable. This leads to dangerous electrical work and the potential to damage your generator or harm a utility worker.

Save the harm or hassle and have a professional electrician install a transfer switch for your new generator. For stationary model generators, the transfer switch works automatically; for portable, you may need to flip a few switches to get your power back on.

Venerating Venezuela

Power On stands behind their neighbors in Venezuela. You have a problem, we have a solution. Our teams offer free quotes, but above and beyond they also offer exceptional service. We will help you pick the best generator for your needs so that you can be comfortable, safe, and alive when disaster strikes.

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